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Truancy Prevention

Stetson takes student attendance very seriously. Our administrators and staff do their best to assure that students get the most out of their middle school years at Stetson, and we take a variety of steps to prevent truancy. 
We ask that parents and family members become familiar with our attendance policies and join us in keeping attendance rates high!




  • All students are expected to be at school by 8:00 am daily to be considered on time.
  • Students shall be counted in attendance if they are physically present at school at the time attendance is taken or are away from school on a school day and engaged in an educational activity that constitutes a part of the school’s pre-approved instructional program for the student.

In case of absence:

üA parent or legal guardian is expected to call the school before 12:00 noon on the day of the absence, and a written note explaining the cause of the absence is required within 3 days of the student returns to school after the absence. Failure to provide the notice will result in the absence being recorded as ―unexcused. The school’s principal or designee is the only person authorized to excuse a student’s absence


üA student absent from school shall not participate in any after school activity held on the day of the absence.


üAbsences that are for three or more consecutive days that are a result of an illness, to be coded as excused, those absences should be accompanied by a doctors note.


The procedures for parent notification and engagement are as follows:


Parents or guardians will be notified in writing within ten (10) school days of the childs third unexcused absence that the child has been truant.


ü This notification will include a description of the consequences if the child becomes habitually truant.”

ü Will be in the mode and language of communication preferred by the parent; and ü And will include the offer of an attendance improvement conference.

ü If the child continues to incur additional absences after this notice has been issued, ASPIRA schools must offer a student attendance improvement conference.



Procedure When Child Is Habitually Truant:

Under fifteen (15) years of age. ASPIRA schools must refer the child to either: (1) a school-based or community-based attendance improvement program or (2) the county children and youth agency (CYS) for services or possible disposition as a dependent child under the Juvenile Act. Additionally, the school may file a citation against the parent of a habitually truant child under fifteen (15) in a magisterial district court.


Fifteen (15) years of age and older. ASPIRA Schools must either: (1) refer the child to a school-based or community-based attendance improvement program or (2) file a citation against the student or parent in a magisterial district court. If the child incurs additional absences after a school refers that child to an attendance improvement program or refuses to participate in an attendance improvement program, the school may refer the child to the local CYS agency for possible disposition as a dependent child.


Mandatory attendance improvement conferences will be provided before court referral.     ASPIRA Schools must make meaningful attempts to encourage parent participation in attendance improvement conferences by providing advance written notice and attempts to communicate via telephone. The school must hold the conference even if the parent declines to participate or fails to attend. There is no legal requirement for either child or parent to attend an attendance improvement conference however



the school must document the outcome of any attendance improvement conference in a written improvement plan. Schools may not take further legal action to address unexcused absences until after the date of the scheduled attendance improvement conference


Finally, students in ASPIRA Schools cannot be disciplined for truant behavior in a way that excludes them from the regular education classroom. ASPIRA schools cannot expel, suspend, transfer, or reassign a child to a disciplinary placement such as AEDY for truant behavior.


Make- up work for absences

A student who is absent (for any reason) is required to make-up all course work missed. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain assignments from the appropriate teacher (s) upon returning to class immediately following an absence and not receive academic penalty. The teacher shall work with the student to make up any missed assignments, test, homework, etc.



Any student arriving after the designated time must report to the school office to obtain a late pass in order to be admitted into class. Excessive lateness will be brought to the attention of the Principal or his/her designee for immediate action.


Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an emergency or inclement weather, when students may have to be dismissed early from school, it is imperative the school office have the most current Emergency Contact Information for every student. This information must be kept up to-date. Whenever there is a change of address or telephone number, the Parent or Guardian must notify the school office when the change occurs.


In the event of an early dismissal due to inclement weather, the parent and/or designated emergency contact person will be notified and is expected to come and pick-up the student immediately upon notification. If a student is permitted by the parent or guardian to go home alone, a written consent form (to be kept on file in the school office) is required to be submitted by the parent or guardian.

Download a copy of Stetson's Student Handbook for a full review of Truancy Policies located in the Students Resource page.
Stetson's lead Truancy Officer Joanne Esquilin can be reached at