Admission Policy

John B. Stetson Charter School is open to all catchment students that wish to enroll. John B. Stetson Charter School is open to all children who reside in the Stetson catchment area. Any resident children from grades 5 to 8 residing within, and space permitting, outside of the school’s boundaries are eligible for admission at John B. Stetson Charter School. The term “resident” also includes foreign language students. A child shall be considered a resident of the school in which his/her parents or guardian reside. Children who are or become homeless are permitted to remain in the same school even after the child becomes homeless and is no longer living within the school’s boundaries. Additionally, John B. Stetson Charter School may not deny admission based on a child’s immigration status. All student enrollments must be done in person. Homeless student/family situations are unique and will be addressed at the time of registration
Online Enrollment Process

Step 1: Log onto https://applyphillycharter.org or by clicking on the button below. You can also call:  1-800-891-3999


Step 2: Create an account and fill out a family profile


Step 3: Select the box next to ASPIRA Stetson Charter School


Step 4: Submit the application



NOTEParents, please be aware that you will need to have digital copies of all supporting documents (required forms). Have those files ready before you get to step #5 as noted below. Thank you! 


    1. Proof of the Child's Age- any one (1) of the following: Birth Certificate, Notarized copy of Birth Certificate, Baptismal certificate, A valid passport
    2. Immunizations Required by Law
    3. Proof of Residency- two (2) of the acceptable documentation examples that follow: A deed, A lease, A current utility bill -- NOTE: disconnection notices are not acceptable
    4. Report Card if applying to 9th grade or High School Transcript if applying to 10th, 11th, or 12th.


Step 5: Log onto the below link to finalize enrollment:


Complete the ONLINE ENROLLMENT PACKET- 2021-2022

Below you will find enrollment packets for the 2021-2022 enrollment process. Please click on the name to expand and download. 
2021 - 2022 Paper-Based Enrollment Process
Download a copy of the paper-based enrollment packages by clicking on one of the packages below.
Documents translation is available upon request to help us service the number of non-English speaking students and families in our schools. The translation of written documents is free of charge. Every effort will be made to accommodate any translation request in any language. To request documents in any other language other than English, please fill out a translation request form.
Enrollment materials can submitted in a few different ways:
• Online
• By Fax: 215-291-4168
• By Email:  [email protected]
• In Person
Acceptable Proof of Age & Residency Examples:
Click to Download Vaccination Requirements: