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Staff & Administration

School Administration
Thomas Mullin, Principal
Glenda Marrero, Assistant Principal
Beth Cole Hoffman, Director of Operations
Andrea Gonzalez-Kirwin, Superintendent
Board Members
Jennifer Albandoz, Chair
Soledad Alfaro, Board Member
Zoraida Ortiz, Secretary
Madelyn Grajales, Treasurer
Alelaida Morales, Parent on the Board
The mission of John B. Stetson Charter School is to promote excellence by providing students in grades 5–8 a bicultural academically enriched curriculum that draws from the social historical experience of Puerto Ricans living in the United States. We believe that school should be a place characterized by respect, critical thinking, democratic classrooms, and the vigorous challenges that are essential to maximize every student’s potential.

Whether your child is returning to continue his/her education or is just beginning his/her (their) learning experience at John B. Stetson Charter School, we are glad you have joined us!

Thomas Mullin Principal